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                                                      Teaching This Week’s Lesson
  Share Experiences
Objective The children will illustrate a story about waiting.
Gather in a circle and sing “He Is Risen, Alleluia!” (CD-2, #2) to start your class session.
Gathering Prayer The children stand while you pray: “Jesus, we gather together to learn about you. Help us to be loving and kind to each other. Help us to listen well to the stories about you. We love you. Thank you for loving us.”The children respond, “Amen. Alleluia.”
Story l Grandpa Snowbird Gather in the work area. Make sure each child has a sheet of drawing paper and a brown, green, and red or yellow marker or crayon. Explain that you know a story about a boy who was waiting for his grandpa to come home. You will tell the story, and the children will illustrate it.
Grandpa was Cooper’s best friend. Grandpa lived down the block,
so Peter saw him every day. Grandpa didn’t like cold and snow, so he went to Arizona every winter. Grandpa’s Arizona friends called him a snowbird because he only visited them in the winter. One day, Grandpa called Cooper’s house. “Grandpa, I miss you. When are you coming home?” Cooper asked. Grandpa answered, “Look for me when the tulips bloom.” When Cooper hung up the phone, he asked his mom, “When will the tulips bloom?”
“First, the birds have to come back to their house outside the window,” Mom answered. Each day, Cooper looked out the window. He watched the snowdrift get smaller and brown earth begin to show. (Direct the children to draw some brown dirt at the bottom of their paper.) A few days later when Cooper looked out the window at the brown dirt, he saw three little green stems pushing up through the dirt. (Children draw three small green stems evenly spaced across the bottom of the page.)
Cooper kept looking out the window. He noticed buds getting
fat on the trees and two birds building a nest in the birdhouse. He went outside to look at the green stems. They were very tall now. (Children make their little stems fat and tall.) The weather got warmer. Cooper began wearing this spring jacket. One day, he noticed the tall green stems had leaves on them, one on each side. (Children draw two leaves on each stem.) Two nights later, the telephone rang just as Cooper was going to bed. Cooper fell asleep before he could ask who it was. The next day, Cooper got up and looked out the window. There were beautiful red and yellow tulips on the fat green stems! (Children draw the three tulips.) Cooper ran to tell his mom. He heard a big laugh coming from the kitchen. There
was Grandpa, standing by the stove. Grandpa lifted Cooper up in his arms. “I said I would come back when the tulips bloomed, and I did.”
Help the children retell the story by asking about their drawings. Ask: When have you waited for someone? What helped make the waiting go faster?
Activity l Stretch and Sing Lead the children around the room as you play and sing “New Life” (CD-2, #1).
Discover Gospel and Doctrine
Objective The children will recognize that peace is Jesus’ Easter gift.
Play and sing “Gospel Acclamation” (CD-2, #24) to prepare the children for the proclamation of the Gospel.
Sunday Gospel l Jesus comes back to his friends. (page 1) Gather the children in the story circle and distribute Promise. Show the children the pictures from the Holy Week booklet as a review. Ask: How do you think Jesus’ friends felt after he died? Ask: How did Cooper feel when Grandpa was away? How did he feel when Grandpa returned? Invite the children to look at the cover illustration while you tell the Gospel story:
After Jesus had died, his friends were afraid they might be killed like Jesus. They locked themselves in a room and closed the shutters. Then two of Jesus’ friends came and told how they had met Jesus on the road. They didn’t know he was the Lord until he broke the bread.
Jesus’ friends were talking about this when, suddenly, Jesus
was there with them. He said, “Peace be with you. Why are you so frightened? Why do you doubt? Look at my hands and my feet and see who I am! Touch me and find out for yourselves that it is I.” Then Jesus asked for something to eat. They gave him a piece of baked fish, and he ate it.
Then Jesus told them, “All people of every nation must be told in my name to turn to God to be forgiven. So beginning in Jerusalem, you must tell everything that has happened.”
Ask: How did Jesus’ friends feel at the beginning of the story? How did they feel when Jesus came among them? How were Jesus’ friends like Cooper? Have the children retell the Gospel story. Be sure to emphasize the gift of peace that Jesus brings his friends.
Distribute the children’s What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks.
  Jesus comes back to his friends.
Finish coloring the picture.
PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program
April 15, 2018
3rd Sunday of Easter

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