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 UNIT 4 OVERVIEW: We Celebrate Jesus’ Death and Resurrection
  Late Close Lessons
If your Promise sessions continue after the last Sunday in this unit (May 13), you may wish to use the reproducible lessons on Creation, the Ascension of Jesus, and Pentecost that are available at Go to Catechists- Teachers>Promise>Early Start/Late Close Lessons. There are three additional Late Close Lessons in the Promise Activity Book. These topics are Mary, Prayer, and Pentecost.
      Life in Christ
New life of spring and Easter
Christian Prayer
     Lent: showing love; saints are friends of Jesus
Learning about Jesus’ love
Using our bodies to pray
  Holy Week prayer
  Eucharist; Jesus brings us peace
Building church community
Peace banner; Sign of Peace
   Following Jesus; care for Creation
Good Shepherd prayer
  Mass booklet
     Showing love to others
Short Prayer of Love; Hail Mary
    Sharing the Good News
Holy Spirit prayer
                                                                               The stories and activities in this unit will help the children follow the events in the life of Jesus that culminate in his Death, Resurrection, and Ascension. They will learn the following lessons: l God gives us life and strength.
l Jesus dies and is raised up.
l Jesus is Risen!
l Jesus gives us peace.
l Jesus cares for us.
l We belong to a church family.
l Jesus’ followers love one another.
l Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to us.
The Promise lessons for the last two Sundays of Lent help the children to see that Lent is a time of showing love and learning about Jesus’ love for us. They will learn about Holy Week, the Easter Triduum, saints, and using their bodies to pray.
The lessons for Easter Sunday and the Sundays of Easter immerse the children in the new life and happiness Jesus brings to us. Promise emphasizes Jesus’ glorious Resurrection and continued presence among us. The activities in these Easter lessons assure the children of their connectedness to the Christian community and to the faith they can grow into.
The Sundays of Easter celebrate the fullness of salvation we find in the Risen Jesus. He is the one who comes to bring us peace. He is the Good Shepherd. He is the life coursing through the vine and
its branches. He is the sender of the Spirit. Promise provides stories and activities that bring these Gospels to life for young children.
Faith for the young child begins in the family in all the everyday interactions between parents and children. You might consider writing a note to parents as encouragement to continue bringing their children to the Sunday Eucharist and to parish events. Assure them of your prayers for them and their child over the coming summer months.
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