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                                                                                                                          Teaching This Week’s Lesson
                           Share Experiences
Objective The children will recognize loving actions. Begin Promise class by gathering in a prayer circle. Play
and sing “New Life!” (CD-2, #1).
Gathering Prayer Pray: “Jesus, we want to be like you. Help us learn how to be loving to our families and our friends. Thank you for giving us your mother Mary to be our mother too.”The children respond, “Amen.”
Story l “I have only one rule.” (page 2) Stay seated in a circle and tell this story to the children to get them ready for the Gospel:
Ben was at the crafts table at school when the teacher clapped
his hands for silence. “Boys and girls,” Mr. Harper said, “it’s time
to put away your things.” Ben quickly glued one last heart on his Mother’s Day card. “Remember, I have just one rule for you: clean
up your scraps and put everything away.” Kaylee brought the big wastebasket over to the crafts table. Ben swiped his arm across the table, and the paper scraps fell into the basket. Randall and Elise put the scissors and glue away. “Thank you,” said Mr. Harper.
Later that day, Ben was waiting to cross the street with his friend Andy. “I have only one rule,” the crossing guard told the boys. “Don’t step out until I tell you it’s safe.” Ben and Andy waited together.
The next day was special—a field trip to the science museum! Some parents were going with Ben’s class. When they lined up, one of the moms told them to grab the hand of their buddy and hold their hands high. “I have just one rule,” the mom said. “Don’t lose your buddy.” Ben and his buddy stayed together for the whole time at the museum.
After school, Ben’s dad took him to tee-ball practice. Ben hit the ball each time he was up. After his turns at bat, he took his baseball mitt and went out by second base. “I have only one rule,” the coach told Ben. “Keep your eye on the ball.” Ben crouched down like the big boys did and waited for the ball to come his way.
That night, Ben said to his mom, “I have to keep a lot of rules.” “What rules do you mean, Ben?” his mom asked. Ben told her about cleaning up the crafts table, waiting for the crossing guard, staying with a buddy on the field trip, and keeping his eye on the ball at tee- ball. His mom gave him a hug. “I know you’re good at following the rules,” she said. “You’re very good at keeping the one rule we have at home too. It’s the one rule Jesus told us about.” “Love one another,” Ben said with a big smile. “You got it,” said his mom. “Now go love your sister Jasmine by reading her a book while I get supper ready.”
Distribute Promise and invite the children to retell Ben’s story by using the illustrations on page 2. Ask: How does Ben feel when he keeps the rules? How does he feel about keeping Jesus’ rule
at home? What rules do you keep? How do you feel about them? Why does Ben’s mom have only one rule for him? What is it? How does Ben keep that rule? Direct the children to leave their copies of Promise on their worktables.
Discover Gospel and Doctrine
Objective The children will learn about Jesus’ rule of love. Play and sing “Gospel Acclamation” (CD-2, #24) as
preparation for the proclamation of the Gospel.
Sunday Gospel l Jesus has one rule. (page 1) Ask: What would you like to talk to Jesus about? What questions would ask him? Listen to their questions, then tell them that Jesus’ friends had lots of questions too. They liked to talk with Jesus and listen to him. One day, Jesus told his friends it was time for him to go back to his Father.
Jesus said, “I have loved you just as my Father has loved me. Stay faithful to my love for you. If you obey me, I will keep loving you, just as my Father keeps loving me, because I have obeyed him.
“I have told you this to make you as completely happy as I am. Now I tell you to love each other as I have loved you. You are my friends if you obey me. I speak to you as my friends, and I have told you everything that my Father has told me.
“You didn’t choose me. I chose you and sent you out to produce fruit that will last. Then my Father will give you whatever you ask for in my name. I command you to love each other.”
Ask: How does Jesus’ rule about loving each other make you feel? You might hear that they don’t like to love some people. This is a good time to talk about love as respect and tolerance. It isn’t just hugs and kisses. Sum up that Jesus is always with us to help us grow into people who love the way he does.
Direct the children to move to the work area. Distribute crayons. Call their attention to Promise, page 1. Read the title together. Ask: What do you think Jesus is telling the two children? What did the Gospel tell us is Jesus’ one rule? Love. Direct the children to
the word scramble at the bottom of the page. Read the direction to them and invite them to fill in the letters that spell Jesus’ rule. Give them time to finish coloring the picture.
Activity l Stretch and Sing Lead the children around the room as you play and sing “You’ve Got to Love Them” (CD-2, #20).
Jesus has one rule.
Unscramble these letters to spell out Jesus’ one rule:
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May 6, 2018
6th Sunday of Easter

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