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                                                      Teaching This Week’s Lesson
    Share Experiences
Objective The children will learn that endings lead to new beginnings.
Gather in a prayer circle. Play and sing “New Life” (CD-2, #1).
Gathering Prayer “Jesus, we thank you for our year together. We thank you for our friendship with each other and the joy of your teachings.”The children respond,“Amen.”
Activity l Doorways of Change Prepare a number
of index cards in advance. Write one word of each pair on one side of the card and the other word on the flipside: winter/ spring, preschool/kindergarten, Advent/Christmas, Lent/Easter, Jesus dies/Jesus rises from the dead, life on earth/life in Heaven, crawling/walking tricycle/bicycle, morning/afternoon, breakfast/ lunch. Make enough cards for each child in your group to have one.
Ask: How do you feel when something you really like is over? Do you stay sad forever? Why not? Something else good happens. Tell the children you will play a game about change.
Choose two tall children to face each other and join hands to make a doorway through which the others will pass. Distribute prepared cards. Direct the children to choose the thing that happens first. Help nonreaders. Invite the children to approach the doorway one by one. Direct them to read aloud the first word before going through the doorway. After going through the doorway, the child reads aloud the second word. Some children may be eager to guess the second word.
Review a big change Jesus’ friends experienced: Jesus died on the Cross and then rose from the dead. First, Jesus’ friends were sad that he had died. Then they were excited and happy that he was alive again. Tell them that Sunday’s Gospel tells us about the next big change that happened after the Risen Jesus was with his followers for 40 days.
Discover Gospel and Doctrine
Objectives l The children will:
l  LearnabouttheAscensionofJesus.
l  LearnaboutJesus’promiseoftheHolySpirit.
Play and sing “Gospel Acclamation” (CD-2, #24) as preparation for the proclamation of the Gospel.
Sunday Gospel l Jesus returns to his Father. (page 1) After God raised Jesus from the dead, Jesus was with his followers for 40 days. Then he told them he was going back to his Father and they wouldn’t see him anymore. Ask: How do you think Jesus’ friends felt when he told them he would be going away? Share the Gospel:
Jesus told his Apostles, “Go and preach the Good News to everyone in the world. Anyone who believes me and is baptized will be saved. But anyone who refuses to believe me will not be saved. Everyone who believes me will be able to do wonderful things. They will heal sick people by placing their hands on them.
After Jesus had said these things to the disciples, he was taken back up to Heaven where he sat down at the right side of God. Then the disciples left and preached everywhere. The Lord was with them, and the miracles they worked proved that their message was true.
Pass out Promise. Ask: What’s happening in the cover picture? Jesus is returning (ascending, going up) to Heaven. Ask: How do you think his Apostles felt when this happened? How did they feel when Jesus wasn’t with them anymore?
Invite the children to listen carefully to some of Jesus’ last words to his friends:
l  “The Holy Spirit will come and help you, because the Father
will send the Spirit to take my place. The Spirit will teach you everything and will remind you of what I said while I was with you” (John 14:26).
l  “I will send you the Spirit who comes from the Father and shows what is true. The Spirit will help you and will tell you about me” (John 15:26).
l  “The Spirit shows what is true and will come and guide you into the full truth” (John 16:13).
l  “The Holy Spirit will come upon you and give you power. Then you will tell everyone about me” (Acts 1:8). (The Bible for Today’s Family, Contemporary English Version)
Ask: What did Jesus promise his followers? The Father will send the Holy Spirit to help them, guide them, show them what is true, teach them, remind them what Jesus said, give them power to tell others about Jesus. Ask: How would remembering these words help Jesus’ followers feel better?
Activity l Stretch and Sing Give the children a stretch break as you play and sing “The Holy Spirit” (CD-2, #8). Invite them to move and dance to the beat.
Distribute the children’s What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks.
  Jesus returns to his Father.
PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program
May 13, 2018
Ascension Sunday/ 7th Sunday of Easter

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