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                                  New! P aum Gospel Weeklies Resources
  Music CDs and activity books for every level!
New music collections for the Gospel Weeklies feature songs by well-known Catholic composer John Burland. Each set contains 2 CDs correlated to the seasons of the liturgical year. Each CD set includes acclamations that can be used for prayer and when transitioning to the Gospel portion of each lesson.
Seeds 2-CD Set PGW-5201 Promise/Good News 2-CD Set PGW-5202 Venture/Visions 2-CD Set PGW-5203
Each activity book contains 32 reproducible activities, one for each lesson.
Activities relate to the Gospel and doctrinal themes. Topics include the Ten Commandments, Beatitudes, Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, Holy Days of Obligation, Sacraments, Vocations, Mary, Creed, and more! Also included are three early start and three late close lessons for use with programs that begin or end outside of the 32 P aum Gospel Weeklies lessons.
Seeds PGW-5301 l Promise PGW-5302 l Good News PGW-5303 Venture PGW-5304 l Visions PGW-5305
           Program Enhancements
Free Web Resources
• Seasonal printables • Family catechesis
• Gospel at Home
• GROW blog and
newsletter with weekly
video links
• Assessment tools (PDF/Word downloads): pre-test,
lesson quizzes, unit tests, and year-end assessment • Weekly review templates in both English and Spanish
New Teaching Guide Resources for Catholic Schools
• Pacing plans and clear links between the student lessons and the doctrine handbook
• Catholic Identity Projects to help the children appreciate the beauty and sacredness of their Catholic heritage through simple, easy-to-apply weekly projects that emphasize Catholic values
• Curriculum Connections to help build continuity across academic areas and reinforce the Gospel message in ways your children may not expect
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