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 The NEW Gospel Weeklies
How does a seed grow?
PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program
March 18, 2018
5th Sunday of Lent Volume 32, Number 4
Share Experiences
Objective The children will identify what makes seeds grow.
Gather in a prayer circle. Play and sing “Yes, Lord, I Believe” (CD-2, #26).
Gathering Prayer Pray: “Dear Jesus, thank you for coming to live with us and for teaching us about God. Help us to listen to your words and to grow as God’s children.”The children respond, “Amen.”
Cover Activity l How does a seed grow?
(page 1) Sit in the story circle. Distribute pages 1–2 of Promise and read the title on page 1 aloud. Invite the children to describe what is happening to the seed-plant in each of the illustrations. Ask: What would a fifth picture look like?
Ask: When you planted a seed, how long did it take to grow? Stress how growth happens slowly. Ask: What shows you are slowly growing every day? Invite the children to help you describe their own growth cycle from babies to now. Stress that their growth, like the growth of seeds, is slow and continual.
Story l Hooray for Spring! (page 2) Remain in the story circle and direct the children to put their copies of Promise on the floor in front of them. Show them page 2 of your Promise. Read the title aloud and ask: How is the little girl feeling today? Point
to the first picture and read the text aloud. Continue this way with the story. When you have finished, review the story by inviting the children to tell the things in nature that the little girl sees and how they make her feel. Assign partners and let the children turn to page 2 in Promise and read/tell the story to each other.
Activity l Stretch and Move Move to the open area. Direct the children to join hands in a circle, drop hands, and take three steps backward. Invite them to make the actions that go with the following story:
Once a group of children wanted to have a flower garden right outside their classroom. Their teacher brought seeds and gave each child some. (Teacher pretends to give each child seeds.) The children dug holes in the ground. (Children get down on their knees and pretend to dig with a trowel.) They dropped seeds in the holes and covered them with dirt. (Pat, pat.) They watered the seeds. (Children mime using a watering can). They left the seeds in the warmth of the sun. (Arms up in a circle to show the sun.) That night, it rained. (Rapid pat, pat.) The next day, the sun was out again, and the seeds began to grow. They grew quietly under the ground for a whole week. (Children crouch down and cover their
heads with their arms.) One night, there was a big thunderstorm. (Make fists and rapid pat, pats on the floor.) When the sun came out the next day, the little seeds poked their heads out of the ground and grew and grew until they were beautiful flowers. (Children stretch toward the sun and become flowers.)
Discover Gospel and Doctrine
Objectives l The children will learn: l  Howlovegrowslikeaseed.
l  Howourchurchfamilyprayswithourbodies.
Gather in the Gospel area and sing “Glory and Praise to
You...” (CD-2, #23). Direct the children to sit in a circle.
Sunday Gospel l Jesus Is Like a Grain of Wheat Tell the children that Jesus taught about how love grows:
Jesus told his followers, “A grain of wheat that falls on the ground will never be more than one grain unless it dies. But if it dies, it will produce lots of wheat. If you love your life, you will lose it. If you give it up in this world, you will be given eternal life. If you serve me, you must go with me. My servants will be with me wherever I am. If you serve me, my Father will honor you.”
Ask: What are some loving actions in your life?
Activity l Stretch and Sing Lead the children around the room as you play and sing “Have You Ever Seen a Mustard Seed?” (CD-2, #15).
Distribute the children’s What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks.
The NEW Gospel Weeklies
PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program
Teaching This Week’s Lesson
What the Church Believes and Teaches
Our Church Family (page 16)
Ask: How does your family celebrate special days? What do you do at family get-togethers? Do these gatherings and activities help a family grow closer? Make some comparisons to the church family gathering for liturgy. We pray and sing together. We share family stories from the Bible. We eat a special meal.

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