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              Teaching This Week’s Lesson
   Share Experiences
Objective The children will identify different ways of sharing bread.
Gather in a prayer circle. Play and sing “Come Gather” (CD-2, #2).
Gathering Prayer “Jesus, we want to be your followers. Help us learn how we to follow you and share your Good News about God’s love.” The children respond, “Amen.”
Gathering Prayer Ask the children to sit quietly with their hands in their laps and bow their heads while you pray: “Dear Jesus, thank you for coming to live with us and for teaching us about God. Help us to listen to your words and to grow as God’s children.” The children respond, “Amen.”
Story l Making Bread Stay in the story circle for this story:
Alex and Alisha were helping their mother make bread. Mom had prepared all the ingredients. She got out the big bowl. Alex sifted white flour into the bowl. Alisha sifted whole wheat flour into the bowl. Mom added honey, shortening, and salt. She poured in milk and yeast. Then Alex and Alisha stirred and stirred until the dough was sticky and stiff.
“Now,” Mom said, “we will knead the bread.” She divided the dough in half and put it on a board sprinkled with flour. Alex and Alisha washed their hands. Then they punched the sticky dough down with their fists, turned it over, and punched it again. Finally, Mom said, “The bread is ready to rise now. Put it back in the big bowl.” Alex and Alisha put the bread back in the bowl and covered it with a cloth. They helped Mom wash and dry the cups and spoons they had used.
Alex and Alisha went to play outside until Mom came to the back door and said, “The bread is ready to make into loaves.” Alex and Alisha ran inside. The ball of dough they had put in the bowl was now way over the top! They watched Mom shape the dough into loaves and put the loaves in two bread pans. “You may brush a little butter on top of the loaves,” Mom said. Alex brushed butter on one loaf, and Alisha brushed butter on the other.
They played outside again until their dad came home. When Alex and Alisha went inside with Dad, they could smell the bread baking. “What do I smell?” asked Dad. “It’s bread,” said Alex. “We helped Mom make it,” said Alisha. “And we will all eat some for dinner,” said Mom.
Activity l Stretch and Move Read or tell the story again. Have the children stand and demonstrate the motions for those words printed in bold. Encourage them to use large
gestures. When you get to the dough rising, have the children crouch down and then rise slowly. Finish by sitting down in the story circle and pretending to eat a piece of bread.
Activity l We share bread. (pages 2–3) Distribute Seeds and ask them to open their copies to pages 2–3. Read the title aloud. Have the children look at the first drawing. Ask: What are the people doing? What are they eating? Bagels. Ask: What meal do you think it is? Breakfast or snack time. Ask: Have you ever had a bagel? What does it taste like? What does it sound like? Is it soft or chewy? Be sure the children know that bagels are a form of bread.
Continue in this way with the illustrations of the family eating tacos and the two families picnicking in the park. Give the children plenty of time to share their experiences of eating these kinds of bread.
Finally, call the children’s attention to the illustration of people receiving Communion at Mass. Ask: Where are these people? How do you know? What is happening? Which person could be you? What kind of bread is in this picture? The children may not think of the Communion hosts as bread, but tell them that the hosts are made of flour and water, just as other bread is. Tell them this Bread is Jesus’ Body that he gives to us. The people are receiving Jesus in Holy Communion because Jesus wants to be with us in this way. The little girl is too young to go receive Communion, so the priest is blessing her.
Have the children move to the work area. Distribute crayons and review the kinds of breads pictured on pages 2–3. Bagels, tacos, sandwich bread, hamburger buns, Holy Communion. You may wish to bring samples of these for the children to identify. Go back to the bagel picture. Tell the children that if they have ever eaten
a bagel, they should color the circle by that picture any color they wish. The children will want to color all the pictures, so be lenient about interpreting bagel experiences. Few of the children will have received Communion, so they may leave that circle uncolored or may color it if they have been blessed, like the child in the illustration.
Discover Gospel and Doctrine
Objective The children will thank God for giving us life and food.
When everyone is in the Gospel area, sing “Two Little Ears” (CD-1, #4) and invite the children to follow your gestures. Direct the children to sit in a circle with page 1 of their copies of Seeds faceup on the floor in front of them.
Sunday Gospel l God gives us life and food. (page 1) Have the children describe the cover illustration of
 The NEW Gospel Weeklies
God gives us life and food.
PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program
March 18, 2018
5th Sunday of Lent Volume 23, Number 4

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