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Walk Through Holy Week Together

From Christ’s entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to his death on Good Friday, Catholics gather to celebrate, to remember, to believe. Holy Week offers many opportunities to teach children about what Jesus sacrificed for them so long ago and what his death and resurrection still means for them today.

During Holy Week, we talk a lot about roads and paths, walking and feet. Jesus rides into Jerusalem on palm branches laid on the pathway. He humbly washes the feet of his friends during the Last Supper. And we walk with him as he carries his cross through the crowded streets to Calvary.

Invite your students to witness the washing of the feet during the Mass on Holy Thursday at your parish. Or collect towels and bowls of water to recreate this ritual in your classroom. Talk about how the students might feel being the one who washes another student’s feet or having their feet washed by a fellow student. Ask your students how willing they are to serve and to be served by others.