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May: Mary’s Month

The relationship between Jesus and Mary is one of the easiest for people to understand.  Mary was present at all of the major points in Jesus’ life, ministry, and death.  She saw it all and never turned away.  She was also just his mom, making his breakfast, kissing his bumps and bruises, making sure he felt safe and loved.

Historically, the month of May has been called “Mary’s month.”  While Marian devotion happens all year, May offers special, joyful opportunities to honor Mary’s gifts and vocation—and all of the mothers among us: 

Thanks, Mom!  Moms are the source of everything from food and clothing, care and consolation.  Help your students list everything Mom does for them in a single day. Did she go to work today to earn money for the family?  Did she drive to practice?  Encourage them to show their thanks, whether it’s a hug or an offer to take over a task.  

Support moms.  They don’t call them supermoms for nothing!  Some moms carry too many responsibilities and could use a hand.  Organize your class to donate time or supplies at a family shelter.  Older students can offer to babysit without pay to give a mom a break.  Explain that by helping all moms, they honor Jesus’ mother.

Pray for Mom.  Lead your children in the Hail Mary. Offer prayers of thanks or petition for their own moms.  Recite the Magnificat, the Canticle (or Song) of Mary. Before you begin, explain that it’s a hymn of thanksgiving taken from Mary’s own words in the Bible.