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Help students cultivate an ‘attitude of gratitude’

A journaling activity helps fifth graders at St. Barthomomew Church in Manchester, MD, cultivate and “attitude of gratitude,” Catechist Janet Stefanelli provides each student with a notebook. As they arrive for class, she passes out the notebooks and asks them to write down five things they are grateful for, sometimes providing specific guidelines. Although Janet starts the activity at the beginning of the school year, she agrees just before Thanksgiving would also be a good time to begin. Learn more in the November issue of the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Newsletter.

Visit PGW Online for free Thanksgiving reproducibles

Free reproducible Thanksgiving activities are available from PGW Online – a service of Pflaum Gospel Weeklies. They include “A Thanksgiving Puzzle” for preschool, “A Thanksgiving Prayer” for kindergarten, a Pilgrims crossword puzzle for primary grades, and guidelines for creating a Thanksgiving table centerpiece for intermediate grades. Activities may be used in a class setting, or printed by parents for use at home. Just click on Online Resources in the menu above then select Seasonal Reproducibles to register, if you haven’t already. It’s fre

Plan a Christmas Craft Fair as a parish-wide celebration

Foster whole community catechesis using an Advent/Christmas craft fair as the centerpiece of an early December event. Our Gospel for All Ages online program provides all you need to get started: publicity ideas, a sample schedule, a gathering ritual, and more. For an overview of The Gospel for All Ages program, in the Online Resources menu above click on Whole Community Catechesis, then select “Guidelines for an Advent/Christmas Craft Fair.” It’s never too early to get started!