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Start the year with prayer services for students, staff

Begin the new school year for students, teachers, and catechists in your program with a back-to-school prayer service. Guidelines for three different services – “Hands” for primary children, “A Blessing to Start the New School Year” for intermediate students, and “Sharing Your Light” for staff – are available free online from Pflaum. Each service includes complete directions for the leader, along with preparation tips and a list of materials. Handouts are also provided for each of your participants. Click here for more.

Assessment program for 2014-15 available online

In addition to reviews and quizzes found in the teaching guides, the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation program provides an assessment program for the top three levels – Good News, Venture, and Visions. It includes a pre-test to be used at the start of the school year, tests for each of the four units, and a final test. Answer keys correlate each question to the weekly lessons, to What the Church Believes and Teaches, and to the scope and sequence charts. For more on the assessment program, click on Online Resources in the menu above.

Launch the new school year with a parish-wide event

The themes of parish vacation bible school can be reinforced throughout the year with crafts that result in useable, practical items. VBS program director Kathy Carlisle, writing in Catechist magazine, provides instructions for making scripture bookmarks, chaplets, greeting cards, birdfeeders, and a “pledges and prayers” parish banner. These “souvenirs” are valuable to participants as they keep the faith-sharing experience alive long after the VBS program ends. Click here for more information about these projects.