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Keeping the Ten Commandments Every Day

Over the catechetical year, the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies present the Ten Commandments in age-appropriate activities related to the Sunday readings. Visions students already know God’s laws, but Keeping the Ten […]read more

Gospel Basics

The Pflaum Gospel Weeklies are based on the Sunday readings and apply the Gospel to children’s lived experiences. This year, following the Liturgical Calendar, the children will begin studying the […]read more

SUNDAY’S GOSPEL—October 13, 2019 – 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Para la versión en español, haga clic aquí.  Luke 17:11–19 Jesus heals ten lepers that he meets on the road. Only one of the ten returns to thank Jesus. This […]read more

EVANGELIO DOMINICAL—13 de octubre, 2019 – 28.o Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario

For the English version, click here. Lucas 17, 11–19 Jesús cura a diez leprosos que encuentra en el camino. Solo uno de ellos regresa a agradecer a Jesús. Los galileos […]read more

Who Teaches You About Jesus?

Though parents are their first teachers, children learn their Catholic faith from many people—from catechists to clergy. Who Teaches Me About Jesus? will help Good News children (grades 2–3) identify […]read more

Thank You, God, for Water!

In the Gospel for October 13, the 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Luke 17:11–19), Jesus heals ten lepers, but only one returns to thank him. This is a lesson in […]read more

SUNDAY’S GOSPEL—October 6, 2019 – 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Para la versión en español, haga clic aquí. Luke 17:5–10 In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus’ disciples ask him to increase their faith. Jesus uses the example of a mustard seed to […]read more

EVANGELIO DOMINICAL—6 de octubre, 2019 – 27.o Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario

For the English version, click here. Lucas 17, 5–10 En el Evangelio del domingo, los discípulos de Jesús le pidieron que les aumentara su fe. Jesús usa el ejemplo de […]read more

Harvest Time Saints

Saints provide excellent models of service and faith to children. It’s never too early to introduce the children to saints, any one of whom may become a lifelong inspiration. Play […]read more

We Sing for Freedom!

The inspiring anthem “We Sing for Freedom” focuses on the worldwide issues of human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Based on Galatians 5:1—“It is for freedom that Christ has set us […]read more

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