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Catholic Resources

Catechists often seek sources to improve their own knowledge of the Catholic faith and its culture and history. Along with the seasonal activity pages, Pflaum offers four sets of Catholic […]read more

Attention All Early Birds!

Don’t blink: the calendar flips to November in just two weeks, and Advent begins on December 3. We know that some of you like to get a jump on planning […]read more

500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation

Martin Luther, a Catholic monk, didn’t set out to break from the Church. Yet his expression of concerns about the selling of indulgences was the spark that ignited the Protestant […]read more

SUNDAY’S GOSPEL – October 29, 2017

Matthew 22:34–40 In this Sunday’s Gospel, the Pharisees are again trying to test Jesus. They were well aware that there are many laws in the first five books of the […]read more

Planning Ahead: All Saints’ Day

After the flurry of the first few weeks of class, you may be looking ahead to the Church holidays on the horizon. The Church will celebrate All Saints’ Day on […]read more

SUNDAY’S GOSPEL – October 22, 2017

Matthew 22:15–21 Nobody likes to pay taxes. That was as true for people in Jesus’ time as it is today. The Pharisees tried to get Jesus to take sides about […]read more

Fatima Anniversary

On October 13, the Church celebrates the 100th anniversary of the final appearance of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal. The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared six times to three shepherd children— siblings Francisco and […]read more

A Joyful Noise

Music is a powerful tool in the classroom. With music, you can welcome the children, signal transitions in the lesson, introduce the Gospel reading, and set a peaceful tone for […]read more

Set Your Own Pace

Each week, teachers and catechists use the Weeklies in many different ways—they teach once a week or 20 minutes each day; they teach at churches, in schools and at home, […]read more

Chat with Pope Francis

What Catholic wouldn’t want to chat with Pope Francis? Now’s your chance as he shares about the Church’s missionary efforts during this World Mission Month. Engage your young Catholics in […]read more

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