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Guess That Gospel!

Help Visions students increase their familiarity with the different Gospel writers. Famous Words from the Gospels challenges students to identify familiar quotes from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Let students […]read more

Who Needs Our Help?

To children, Lent could seem as though it’s mostly for adults. Let children know that through prayer and good works, they too can participate in this important season in the […]read more

SUNDAY’S GOSPEL—March 8, 2020 – 2nd Sunday of Lent

Para la versión en español, haga clic aquí. Matthew 17:1–9 Sunday’s Gospel shows both Jesus’ future and our own future. The Gospel sets our sight on Easter, just as Peter, […]read more

EVANGELIO DOMINICAL—8 de marzo, 2020 – 2.o Domingo de Cuaresma

For the English version, click here. Mateo 17, 1–9 El Evangelio de este domingo muestra el futuro de Jesús y el nuestro. El Evangelio dirige nuestra mirada a la Pascua […]read more

Analogies for Lent

Analogies for Lent is a challenging activity for Visions students. Whether you are teaching in a school or parish setting, your students likely will need some help with the details […]read more

Gospel Weeklies and RCIA

The flexible nature of the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies permits a traditional once-a-week parish program, daily school religion classes, and a number of other more specialized formats. See our pacing plans […]read more

SUNDAY’S GOSPEL—March 1, 2020 – 1st Sunday of Lent

Para la versión en español, haga clic aquí. Matthew 4:1–11 In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus goes into the desert to fast and pray. When Jesus is tired and hungry, Satan […]read more

EVANGELIO DOMINICAL—1.o de marzo, 2020 – Domingo de Cuaresma

For the English version, click here. Mateo 4, 1–11 En el Evangelio del domingo, Jesús va al desierto a ayunar y a rezar. Cuando Jesús está cansado y hambriento, Satanás […]read more

Lent Prayer Service for Families

Lent is a time to recommit to prayer, fasting, and good works. Encourage your families to share the Take Up Your Cross prayer service together at home. The service begins […]read more

Lent Basics

How long is Lent? What do Catholics fast from during Lent? What does the word Lent mean? After completing their first Lenten lessons, Venture students will be able to answer […]read more

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