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Saint Joseph: Faithful Father and Husband

During each Mass, the priest asks for God’s mercy as he prays these or similar words: “with the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and blessed Joseph, her Spouse.” Joseph […]read more

Get Ready for Holy Week

Holy Week begins on Sunday, March 25, with Palm/Passion Sunday. This can be a tough week for children if they don’t understand what’s going on during the “long” Masses and […]read more

Saint Katharine Drexel

Born into a wealthy family, Katharine Drexel and her sisters learned at an early age that wealth was a gift to be shared. Several days each week, the sisters helped […]read more

Teaching the Hail Mary

Many second graders are preparing to receive the Eucharist for the first time. As part of this process, catechists and parents will help the children learn the prayers of the […]read more

The Prayer That Saved the Early Church

Most Catholic parishes pray the Nicene Creed (some pray the Apostles’ Creed) at each Sunday Mass. This statement of faith, written in the 4th century, affirms the central mystery of […]read more

With Love, Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine is the patron saint of engaged couples, love, lovers, young people, epilepsy, fainting, and happy marriages. The origin of Valentine’s Day is murky—and complicated by the fact that […]read more

Saint John the Baptist

In the Gospel for the Second Sunday of Advent (Mark 1:1–8), John the Baptist prepares us for the coming of the Messiah. Jesus’ cousin plays a big role during Advent—appearing […]read more

Venerable John Paul I: Steps Toward Sainthood

John Paul I served as Pope for only 33 days before his unexpected death in the fall of 1978. Pope Francis has recognized that John Paul I lived the Christian […]read more

Saints and Feasts of the Season: Saint Nicholas of Myra (4th Century)

Saint Nicholas was the Bishop of Myra, an ancient seaport city in Lycia (Lysh’uh), an area that is in present-day Turkey. So many legends have been told about Saint Nicholas that […]read more

Saints: A Pair of Martins

The Church honors two saints named Martin in early November—Saint Martin de Porres on November 3, and Saint Martin of Tours on November 11. These two Martins are separated by […]read more

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