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A Shepherd Knows His Sheep

Catholics will gather to celebrate the beatification Mass of the first U.S.-born martyr, Father Stanley Rother, in Oklahoma City this Saturday, September 23. Father Rother lived and worked at the Santiago […]read more

Saints and Feasts: Saint Francis of Assisi

The Church celebrates one of the most popular of all saints on October 4—Saint Francis of Assisi. Patron of animals and ecology, Saint Francis is a model of how a […]read more

Saints and Feasts

Saint Jerome (345–420) is best remembered for translating Sacred Scripture into Latin, the language commonly used by the people of his day. As a master of Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, […]read more

Secrets to a Happy Life

Saint Gregory the Great was an organized person. He introduced the calendar most of the world still uses today. He also compiled a list of the things that would certainly […]read more

Saints and Seasons

Jews around the world will celebrate two major holy days this month—Rosh Hashanah, which begins at sunset on September 20 and Yom Kippur, which begins at sundown on September 29—as […]read more

Labor Day Saints

Saints lived extraordinary, ordinary lives. While they accomplished great things on Earth, most of them also had regular day jobs. They were barbers, accountants, fishermen, doctors. Catholic social teaching emphasizes […]read more

Mary’s Life

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a celebration of a life lived wholly without sin. Mary also experienced many hard times throughout her life on Earth. This Bible […]read more

Activities for the Assumption

Today marks a great celebration in the Church – the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Use this free printable to trace the history of the Church’s teaching about Mary’s […]read more

Back-to-School Prayers

As you plan your back-to-school catechist formation and first-day student gatherings, use these back-to-school prayers—the “Hands” prayer for younger students, a blessing for middle-schoolers, and the “Sharing Your Light” prayer […]read more

Did You Know?

Which saint slept in a wine cask to prevent the chance of spreading the plague? Can you name the saint who was kidnapped by pirates? Who was Saint Jerome’s unlikely […]read more

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