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Saint Joseph: Is There a Midwife in the Building?

Artists almost always show Mary, Joseph, and the new-born Jesus all alone—except for a cow, a donkey, and eventually some sheep and scruffy shepherds. Like the idea of Jesus being […]read more

Saint Joseph: Sensitive and Caring Family Man

Our traditional Nativity scenes show the Holy Family in a drafty, often three-sided stable, in some desolate location. While scholars debate if Jesus was really born in Bethlehem and in […]read more

Saint Joseph: From Acres of Apocrypha

Our historical information about Joseph is limited, but the pious legends that have developed over the centuries abound because humans long to know the “rest of the story.” The Protoevangelium […]read more

Saint Joseph: Betrothed to Mary

We are told in Matthew 1:18 that Joseph was betrothed to Mary. Betrothal is a confusing concept especially for those in Western cultures. In biblical times, it was a serious […]read more

Plan Ahead for Valentine’s Day and Lent

February is a short month, and it’s flying by. Make sure you plan ahead for both Valentine’s Day on Sunday, 2/14, and Ash Wednesday, 2/17. Here are some activities and […]read more

Saint Joseph: Young or Old?

How do you envision Saint Joseph? Is he the grey-haired grandfatherly figure of Renaissance paintings or the young, buff man shown in some modern portrayals? While it is a bit […]read more

Saint Joseph: ‘Beloved Father’

The first thing Pope Francis says about Joseph is that he is a “beloved father.” A beloved person is one who is deeply and profoundly loved. In the Song of […]read more

Saint Joseph: From the House of David

Jesus is said to have been descended from the House of David, but the genealogies given in Matthew and Luke differ. One explanation is that Matthew’s ancestry traces Jesus’ legal […]read more

Saint Joseph: ‘A Righteous Man’

If someone were writing a description of you, what would be the first word they would choose? Would they describe your appearance? Your job? Your personality? Or would they describe […]read more

Honoring Trinity and Divinity

It seems appropriate that during the week following The Baptism of the Lord, we honor Saint Hilary of Poitiers (January 13). At Jesus’ baptism, the voice of the Father is […]read more

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