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February Is Black History Month

February is Black History Month in the United States. Along with November, which is Black Catholic History Month, this observance presents opportunities to learn more about the history and influence […]read more

Celebrate Winter Saints

Good role models aren’t hard to find! All we need to do is point to the saints in Heaven and learn from them. Learn about some of the saints whose […]read more

Saint Joseph: Free Film from Knights of Columbus

The Year of Saint Joseph brought a renewal to the Church with growing understanding and prayer to Saint Joseph. The Knights of Columbus help maintain the momentum of renewal by […]read more

Our Lady of the Snows

Living in Midwest, I have come to expect snow every winter. I recently sent a gift of fake snowballs to my four nephews who live in South Carolina. Snow is […]read more

Saint Joseph: Just Man and Husband of Mary

Pope Francis offers a third catechesis on Saint Joseph. At his general audience on Wednesday, December 1, he spoke about Joseph as a “just man” and husband of Mary. He […]read more

Saint Joseph in Salvation History

Pope Francis continues his catechesis on Saint Joseph. At his general audience on Wednesday, November 24, he spoke about Saint Joseph in salvation history. You may use this link to […]read more

Saint Joseph: The Year Dedicated to Him Comes to an End

The Year of Saint Joseph comes to an end on December 8. Over the past twelve months, we have examined many aspects of Joseph’s life, both historical and legendary. We […]read more

Charles de Foucauld—Brother to All

The Vatican recently released the date of May 15, 2022, as the day on which Blessed Charles de Foucauld will be canonized. Pope Francis had announced the approval for the […]read more

Saint Joseph: An Extraordinary Ordinary Man

This time of year is always a bit of a contradiction. The days are short and dark, and the year is drawing to a close, yet we prepare to celebrate […]read more

Saint Joseph: “Most Chaste” Father

We have spent nearly a year looking at the life of Saint Joseph and what he means for us. Now, as we approach the holiday season, we have a chance […]read more

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