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It’s Been Recorded!

It’s Been Recorded!

Join Miss Heidi and John Burland, as they sing and pray together in Pflaum’s workshop “Music for Enriching Catechesis with Children and Families.” If you missed the live workshop, you can find the recording here.
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Music has the ability to support learning, enhance celebration, and build a deeper understanding of our faith. In this workshop, renowned family educators John Burland (composer) and Heidi Witte (teacher/catechist) will share a variety of songs and strategies to help children learn the core beliefs of our faith. These catechetical songs cover a variety of themes including Scripture, doctrine, and sacraments. This workshop will also demonstrate how the addition of prayerful gesture or signing can further enhance the teaching and learning process. Come join John and Heidi as we celebrate the gift of our faith through song.

Heidi Witte Teacher/Catechist
Heidi holds an M.Ed. in Elementary Education from the University of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education program. She is a former Catholic school teacher and is a parish cantor and volunteer Children’s Liturgy catechist. Heidi is the host of Children’s Liturgy of the Word on CatholicTV, airing Sundays at 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m EST, and on the free Kids’ Liturgy YouTube Channel.




John Burland Teacher/Composer
John has been writing and recording religious music for children for over twenty years. He is a sought-after speaker, workshop leader, and internationally published author in the area of music and catechesis. John is the National Music Consultant for Bayard, Inc. in North America and the Education Officer: Liturgy/Music for Sydney Catholic Schools in Australia.

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