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Lesson Downloads

Lesson Downloads

Pflaum understands that many parishes and schools have chosen to cancel in-person classes due to developments arising from the coronavirus COVID-19.In light of the challenge this poses, we are offering digital versions of the Unit 4 student lessons (English and Spanish) to all Pflaum Gospel Weeklies customers. This gives you the ability to:

  • download each week’s lessons that you can email to parents
  • give parents access to the site using your password so that they can print the lessons at home—please see this link for options how to share a login with your families.

Lessons and Teaching Guide PDFs are available below for our customers by level.

If you are not a current Pflaum Gospel Weeklies customer, but would like information about access to digital lessons, please call us at 800-543-4383.

English Lessons

Spanish Lessons