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Lesson Planning Webinars Available

Lesson Planning Webinars Available

Every week, the editors of the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies provide insights, planning tips, and other helpful nuggets of information related to a specific lesson. These previously recorded webinars—no longer than five minutes each—are available online to reference at your convenience. Webinars are recorded in Spanish and English for Seeds, Promise, Good News, Venture, and Visions.

Editors take you through the lessons page by page, noting any special items and offering time-saving advice. For example, they may encourage you to prep a sample of a booklet or craft project in advance. They will alert you to special supplies you may need for a prayer service or activity. They also point out how to move seamlessly between the lesson and the What the Church Believes and Teaches/Mi fe católica handbook.

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3 Responses to “Lesson Planning Webinars Available”

  • Mary Buczek / Reply

    How do I get GROW blog newsletters? How do I view lesson planning webinars? Our religious coordinator at St. Mary Parish, Davenport, Iowa, orders the Gospel Weeklies for all our classes. Is she the only one that can get these or can some of us teachers get them also? I use Venture with my class.

    • Joan McKamey / Reply

      You can sign up to receive our weekly GROW newsletter by going to and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Enter your email address, and then look for the newsletter to arrive every week on Tuesday or Wednesday. You can access the unit overview webinars at Some online resources are only available to our Gospel Weeklies customers. Check with your religious education coordinator for the parish customer number. Then go to our website Click on “Log In” at top right. Then select Register Here. Once you are registered, you’ll be able to access all of our online resources. I hope you’re enjoying your Venture students! Thanks for your important ministry!

  • Sylvia Nuñez / Reply

    Confirmation Catechist, thanks!

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