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Sacramental Prep Has Gone Digital

Sacramental Prep Has Gone Digital

Sacramental preparation must go on—in spite of the challenges the pandemic has created for parishes and schools. You can now order the Together in Jesus sacramental prep products in Combination Sets (print plus digital) for just $1.50 more per student. This will give you the flexibility to conduct classes in person or virtually. You will also be able to provide materials to parents in the format that works best for you and them. Those using Pflaum’s sacramental prep resources and the Gospel Weeklies will benefit from our new correlation of these products with the Sunday Gospels for 2020–21.

The Together in Jesus program captures children’s attention with interactive stories and activities. Watch our overview video of the Together in Jesus/Unidos en Jesús Sacramental Preparation Programs for First Eucharist, First Reconciliation, and Confirmation with First Eucharist—with Student Lessons, Teaching Guides, and Online Bonus Resources. These videos are perfect for introducing the program to your catechists-teachers or for helping parents who will be using Together in Jesus to teach their children at home.

First Reconciliation
Lessons focus on biblical stories about Christian living to help children appreciate that God loves them and is always ready to forgive them.
Available in English or Bilingual format. Full-color Teaching Guides available in English and Spanish.
Click here to learn more.

First Eucharist
Lessons explore the sacraments of initiation, the liturgical seasons, and the biblical stories drawing children into fuller and more active participation in the life of the Church.
Available in English or Bilingual format. Full-color Teaching Guides available in English and Spanish.
Click here to learn more.

Confirmation & First Reconciliation
A comprehensive resource to develop a fuller awareness of the sacraments of initiation, or for restored order programs.
Available in English. Full-color Teaching Guides also in English.
Click here to learn more.

Don’t forget the Family Activity and Memory Books and music!

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