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“Shaping the Future of Catechesis Together” Webinar Series: #5 Is on February 10

“Shaping the Future of Catechesis Together” Webinar Series: #5 Is on February 10


The past two years have been challenging for anyone involved in catechesis. It has also opened doors to new ways of approaching the ministry and the programs it entails. To help parishes unravel both the possibilities and challenges that the pandemic has raised—loss of leaders, participants, and catechists; the challenges and opportunities posed by virtual classes; uncertainty about how and when to gather back together again at the parish—Twenty-Third Publications and Pflaum Publishing Group are offering a series of interactive webinars with and for catechetical leaders across the country.

Going Backwards to Go Forwards with Conversation Partner, Bill Miller
This live webinar took place on Thursday, September 16, 2021.
Find a recording of this webinar here.
We began an initial conversation around lessons learned from COVID times and how those might steer us in a renewed direction for what comes next.

Family Connections with Conversation Partner, Connie Clark
This live webinar took place on Thursday, October 21, 2021.
Find a recording of this webinar here.
Connie invited us to consider how we might strengthen the connections with families in order to affirm and support faith formation in the home.

Catechetical Old School with Conversation Partner, Lee Danesco
For those who find the digital experience a bit of overload, how do we share the message post-COVID without so much reliance on technology? What “old school” catechesis have we re-discovered and come to appreciate?
This live webinar took place on Thursday, November 11, 2021
Find a recording of this webinar here.

If the Tech Fits, Do It with Conversation Partner, Denise Utter
What have we learned anew and what benefits have we seen from the use of virtual learning/online catechesis? Old or new—why not blend the two? Denise Utter leads our discussion about the innovations that surfaced during Covid and how these might be adapted when programs resume at the parish.
This live webinar took place on Thursday, January 13, 2022.
Find a recording of this webinar here.

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Thursday, February 10, 1 p.m. ET

What new innovations might we adopt to revitalize our catechetical efforts? This final conversation in our series will look at the next steps in shaping the future of catechesis. While questions remains it’s clear that we must move forward and embrace the challenges as well as the opportunities that have arisen as a result of the Covid pandemic and the shifting reality of our times. How will we adapt current approaches and embrace the strong foundation of catechesis as the pandemic lifts? And what new innovations will we employ as a way to revitalize our catechetical efforts?


Kathy Hendricks is an author and popular speaker whose work in parish and diocesan catechesis, spirituality and pastoral ministry spans several decades. She holds a Master’s degree in Adult Christian Community Development from Regis University, Denver, and certification in spiritual direction from Benet Hill Center.

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2 Responses to ““Shaping the Future of Catechesis Together” Webinar Series: #5 Is on February 10”

  • Patricia Nelson / Reply

    I am a catechist. I began teaching Faith Formation in 1973 to 2013 when my husband became too ill to leave alone. In February 2018, I was called back to teach Preschool. This year, I am teaching two Preschool classes and one 3rd grade class. I am always trying to update my 74-year-old self with new ideas.

    • Joan McKamey / Reply

      Good for you, Patricia! You are a role model for all catechists and young people–God calls us to continually grow in knowledge and love of him through his Son, Jesus Christ! Thank you for your service to the important ministry as catechist for so many years!

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