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SUNDAY’S GOSPEL May 14, 2017 • Fifth Sunday of Easter

SUNDAY’S GOSPEL May 14, 2017 • Fifth Sunday of Easter

may14 The Way, the Truth, the Life: John 14:1–12

I like Thomas because he often gives voice to the very objection I have in mind. Jesus is on his way out the door of his incarnate life and, before it swings shut, he tells the disciples they’ll know how to follow when the time comes. This leads to the perfect objection by Thomas: we can’t possibly follow you if we don’t know where you’re going!

Even the best GPS requires the input of a destination.

This feels like an apt summary of the average life of discipleship, I suspect.

Where exactly is our Christian life taking us? We put one foot in front of the other: Mass, sacraments, prayers, good deeds, spiritual reading, chasing the liturgical seasons. We know Heaven is out there somewhere, but it’s at best a vague notion of a happy ending. Is there more we should be doing? That depends on where you plant the checkered flag. And here’s Jesus, telling Thomas to forget about the flag, just take the journey. If the goalpost is Jesus, then it’s Jesus all the way to Jesus. You’ll know when you’ve arrived.


  • Are you willing to take a journey when you can’t see the destination?
  • Can you trust someone who leads you through a darkness that seems impenetrable?


(Reflection and questions by Alice Camille in Exploring the Sunday Readings)

Photo credit: The Way, the Truth, the Life: Distant Shores Media/Sweet Publishing [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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