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SUNDAY’S GOSPEL—September 6, 2020 – 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

SUNDAY’S GOSPEL—September 6, 2020 – 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Matthew 18:15–20

‘Go and tell [your brother] his fault between you and him alone.’ –Matthew 18:15

For Children: Share this short video lesson about helping others.

For Adults: Very few of us enjoy being morality cops, telling our family and friends what they’re doing wrong and how they need to change. For one thing, most of us feel we’re in no position to judge others—which is absolutely true. For another, we dread embarrassing people we care about by telling them something they will not be glad to hear. Most spouses don’t even alert each other when they have a bit of parsley in their teeth, must less when their faults are showing.

To be sure, the correction talk must be handled delicately—and alone, as Jesus insists. We don’t come from a superior position but from love, which makes a big difference in how we come across. We only need to say a truth plainly and briefly. Then we leave room—for listening or for silent reflection. When I’ve been on the receiving end of the correction talk, I’ve never said, “Thanks, what a help this has been!” at once. But after sitting with the truth for a while, I find a place for gratitude in the long run.

When has someone told you a hard truth about yourself?
How long did it take to transform you?

LET US PRAY… Gracious God, the work of human hands is a small thing in the depths of your Creation. Still we ask your blessing on our labors, in the home and at school, in the workplace and in the parish. May our every action be aligned with your will, for happiness is only possible when our hearts are attentive to yours. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

While The Gospel at Home takes a break in the summer months, we’ll be drawing our weekly reflections from Exploring the Sunday Readings by Alice Camille.

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