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Teaching Tools for a Terrific Year!

Teaching Tools for a Terrific Year!

Catechists and teachers are getting geared up to start a new catechetical year. Give veterans and first-timers the tools they need to help them have a successful year. Resource manuals are available for every level of the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies—SeedsPromiseGood NewsVenture, and Visionsto enhance the teaching and classroom experience. These online manuals include planning help, developmental insights, classroom management advice, and important teaching lessons from educational experts:

  1. Age is everything. Every level of the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies includes tested, age-appropriate activities. Gain better understanding of your preschool Seeds children with this feature, What Children Can’t Do… Yet.
  2. Meet problems with praise. Conflict and behavior issues are inevitable, but they also provide opportunities to develop moral decision making skills. How to Develop Moral Thought and Action, available in the Promise manual, offers ways to help children resolve their own issues through role-playing, rule-making (and breaking!), and praise.
  3. Every child is smart. Each child brings his or her own unique gifts, learning style, and way of seeing the world. Learn about and appreciate these different intelligences in the Good News manual.
  4. Silence is uncomfortable, but OK. Getting kids to respond to discussion questions can be tough. Do you feel as though you’re doing all the talking? 10 Tips for Leading Discussions can give Venture catechists insight about how classroom dynamics, emotions, and even the way you pose a question affect how students will (or won’t) respond.
  5. Drama beats boredom. Students thrive in a structured environment; however, that doesn’t mean you can rely on the same routine each week. Role-playing and drama are key components in every Visions lesson. Discover the ways to incorporate role-play into your lessons and encourage active participation.

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