Candles Reveal the Light of the World

Author: Nicholle Check ~ April 9, 2019

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After the darkness of Good Friday, the lighting of the new fire at the Easter Vigil is a powerful symbol of Jesus’ Resurrection—our hope in Christ, the Light of the World. Before the end of Lent, take the children to see the Easter candle in the sanctuary. Help them identify the many other places where candles are used—at the altar, the ambo, and near the tabernacle and the Blessed Sacrament. Explain that each of these lights reminds us of the constant presence of Jesus. Ask the children if they have their baptismal candles. Remind them that their candles represent the light of Jesus that they carry in their hearts. Share this Candles resource page with the children’s families. It explains the symbolism behind candles and the use of these sacramentals in the Church.


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