FROM OUR EDITORS—October 21, 2018 – 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Author: Joan McKamey ~ October 9, 2018

Every year in late October, Catholics throughout the world unite to celebrate World Mission Sunday. This year’s date is October 21. The theme is “Through Youth to the World: Voices for Mission.” We are invited to recommit ourselves to our common vocation through Baptism to be missionaries—through prayer, participation in the Eucharist, and by [...]


Respect Life Month: Be Not Afraid

Author: Joan McKamey ~ September 18, 2017
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With the start of October, we begin Respect Life Month. The theme in the US this year is “Be Not Afraid.” We can each likely think of several times that Jesus told his followers to not be afraid. Find a good reflection on this theme here. This reflection ends with some very strong words: “Do […]


SUNDAY’S GOSPEL – October 1, 2017

Author: David Dziena ~ September 18, 2017
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Matthew 21:28–32 The vineyard in the Gospel represents the people of Israel. Jesus tells about a father who asks his two sons to go to work in the vineyard. The first son refuses but changes his mind and goes. The second son agrees but does not follow through. The parable challenges the leaders to follow […]


Mercy for the Immigrant and Refugee

Author: Kevin Dowd ~ September 12, 2017

Sunday, September 17, 2017 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time Here is a link to this weekend’s readings. The readings this week are about the contingency of forgiveness. While we might like to think that God’s mercy is unconditional, that is not what we learn from Christ and the Scriptures. Instead, we hear again and again […]


Saints and Feasts

Author: Nicholle Check ~ September 11, 2017
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Saint Jerome (345–420) is best remembered for translating Sacred Scripture into Latin, the language commonly used by the people of his day. As a master of Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, Jerome was uniquely qualified to do this work. His translation is known as the Vulgate, a word that means “common translation.” In revised form, the […]


Secrets to a Happy Life

Author: Nicholle Check ~ September 11, 2017
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Saint Gregory the Great was an organized person. He introduced the calendar most of the world still uses today. He also compiled a list of the things that would certainly lead to a happy life. We know these things as the virtues. Over the next few lessons in the Gospel Weeklies, the children will learn […]


SUNDAY’S GOSPEL – September 24, 2017

Author: David Dziena ~ September 11, 2017
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Matthew 20:1–16a Jesus’ parable about the workers in the vineyard unsettles today’s audience just as it unsettled the priests and elders who first heard it. It is just not fair! Some get paid a full day’s wages for one hour of work while others who worked all day long receive the exact same pay. This […]




SUNDAY’S GOSPEL—October 21, 2018 – 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Looking Ahead: Plan an Advent Event

Activities to Celebrate the Season

SUNDAY’S GOSPEL—October 28, 2018 – 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time