Pope St. John Paul II’s Prayer to Notre-Dame of Paris

Author: Pflaum ~ April 16, 2019

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Please join us in praying for all those troubled by the devastating fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. We raise our prayers to Our Lady (Notre Dame) for recovery of this treasure of a church that helps us raise our minds and hearts to God.

When Pope John Paul II came to Paris for the first time on May 30, 1980, he read this prayer at the foot of the statue of Notre-Dame de Paris (Our Lady):

Virgin Mary, at the heart of the Cité
We pray to you for this capital city.
You Intact, preserve the purity of its faith!

Virgin Mary, from the banks of the Seine,
We pray to you for the country of France.
O Mother, teach it to hope!

Virgin Mary, in this great Christian site,
We pray to you for all the earth’s people.
You, full of grace, may they be one in Love.

If you wish to make a donation to support the restoration effort of this most visited monument in Europe, you may safely do so through the official site for receiving donations.

Website: www.fondationavenirpatrimoineparis.fr

Source: Notre Dame Cathedral website

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