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We’re Celebrating a Milestone Anniversary

We’re Celebrating a Milestone Anniversary

The Pflaum Gospel Weeklies celebrate our 40th Anniversary in 2021! Yes, the Gospel Weeklies you love to teach with—and possibly remember from your own youth—have been around for 40 years! In our case, old doesn’t mean “outdated.” The Gospel Weeklies, the only fully liturgical catechesis product in the Catholic market, are on a continuous cycle of being updated and improved. Since our product is newly produced every year, we are in a unique position to include timely topics and recent events that have happened in the Catholic Church and broader world.

From Supplement to Basal Series

Founded in 1885, the Pflaum Publishing Group has been serving the catechetical needs of parishes and Catholic schools for a very long time. Find our Milestones Timeline here. When we added our What the Church Believes and Teaches Catechism handbooks in 2009–2010, the Gospel Weeklies moved from being a beloved weekly supplement to an approved basal faith formation program.

Blessed by Pope Francis

Pope Francis has sent his congratulations on our milestone anniversary with an Apostolic Blessing. He specifically includes “all readers in parishes and schools” in this blessing and invokes “through the intercession of the Virgin Mary an abundance of Divine graces.”

The “abundance of Divine graces” is what our team strives to share with all young people, catechists, teachers, and families who use the Gospel Weeklies. We pray that we may serve you well now and far into the future!


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