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Resources for the Program Year

Colorful hands-on activities provide a lively way for young children to experience the Gospel. Each week, Seeds will help you teach preschoolers the way they learn best: through talking, cutting and folding, listening—and through singing out with love and joy!

Unit Overviews

For each Unit, the editors present an overview of every lesson. They talk about stories, activities, and current event topics in the lessons and offer ideas to help prepare to present the lessons. (See prior units here.)

UNIT 1 (lessons beginning with Sunday Gospel for September 22, 2019)
View the list of when each Seeds lesson starts here.
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Teaching Guides

Weekly Videos

Seeds users: Use these videos as you discuss Sunday’s Gospel. Please preview to select the video appropriate for your group.

Weekly Videos

The Gospel at Home

Designed for busy families, The Gospel at Home provides a short description of the Sunday Gospel plus suggested activities and discussion starters for each age level. These easy-to-do ideas will bring families together to share what each member has learned about the Gospel that they heard on Sunday (and studied in class). Print them out to send home or send as a link in a weekly email. Available in English and Spanish.


Lesson Updates

Here you will find information specific to lessons and Teaching Guides—when new material has been added to the website, corrections or additions to printed material (e.g., the editors forgot to put the answers to a quiz in a Teaching Guide), or even a video showing how to assemble a booklet or craft project. We will list these items by week and lesson level. If you see something we’ve overlooked, email, and we will add it here.

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Seasonal Activities

Using the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies is the best way to align your catechetical classes to the Church’s Liturgical Year. We also provide these seasonal resources to enhance and reinforce your lessons in class or at home.


Early Start and Late Close Lessons

Sometimes your schedule doesn’t exactly match ours. These lessons will help you if you begin earlier or end later than our lessons do.


Extending Activities

If you finish the lesson before the session ends, we offer some great ideas to extend many of the lessons. Find ideas for snacks, additional activities, and new printable coloring pages for the stories here.


Weekly Review Template

Children will better understand and retain the Sunday Gospel concept when they can express it in their own words and drawings. Catechists and teachers may print weekly review templates for the children to complete at home or attach them to a weekly email. Weekly review templates can be found in both English and Spanish.

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Program resources and tools

This Teaching Companion along with the guide that accompanies each issue of the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies provides you ways to help children master the teachings found in their Catechism handbooks, What the Church Believes and Teaches and Mi fe católica.

Teaching Companion (English)

Teaching Companion (Spanish)

Includes information about how children learn, creating a positive learning environment, praying with children, and much more.

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