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Saint Joseph: ‘Beloved Father’

The first thing Pope Francis says about Joseph is that he is a “beloved father.” A beloved person is one who is deeply and profoundly loved. In the Song of […]read more

Saint Joseph: From the House of David

Jesus is said to have been descended from the House of David, but the genealogies given in Matthew and Luke differ. One explanation is that Matthew’s ancestry traces Jesus’ legal […]read more

Saint Joseph: ‘A Righteous Man’

If someone were writing a description of you, what would be the first word they would choose? Would they describe your appearance? Your job? Your personality? Or would they describe […]read more

Honoring Trinity and Divinity

It seems appropriate that during the week following The Baptism of the Lord, we honor Saint Hilary of Poitiers (January 13). At Jesus’ baptism, the voice of the Father is […]read more

Saint Joseph: The Father of Jesus

Sometimes it seems as if Joseph is little more than a figurine to be placed annually in the Nativity scene and then packed away for the rest of the year. […]read more

Saint Joseph: A Man with a Father’s Heart

Pope Francis commemorated the 150th anniversary of Saint Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church by declaring a “Year of Saint Joseph” to extend from December 8, 2020, to December […]read more

Year of Saint Joseph

Pope Francis surprises us again! He’s been keeping busy during this pandemic and is marking the 150th anniversary of the declaration of Saint Joseph as the patron of the universal […]read more

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

December 6 is the feast of Saint Nicholas. Many children hang stockings or leave shoes outside their bedroom doors before going to bed on December 5. Saint Nicholas visits during […]read more

Venerable Emmanuel d’Alzon

The Gospel Weeklies are published by the Pflaum Publishing Group, part of the Bayard Inc. family of publishing companies worldwide. Bayard is sponsored by the Augustinians of the Assumption, a […]read more

Celebrating Women Saints

Learn about two female saints who have ties to this week’s observances of World Day of the Poor (11/15) and Discover Catholic Schools Week (11/15–11/21): Saint Elizabeth of Hungary and […]read more

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