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Saint Joseph: Poverty-Stricken, Poor Provider?

We have been told repeatedly that Joseph was a poor man. In fact, except for his marriage to Mary, that’s probably the one thing that we all swear as fact. […]read more

Saint Joseph: At Home with the Holy Family

Many significant sites from the life of Jesus await a pilgrim to the Holy Land. One can walk the Way of the Cross, visit the Upper Room, peer into the […]read more

Celebrate God’s Mercy

The Second Sunday of Easter is also known as the Sunday of Divine Mercy. In the 1930s, Jesus chose Sister Maria Faustina Kowalska, a Polish member of the Congregation of […]read more

Saint Joseph: What Did He Do for a Living?

It’s a no-brainer, right? Joseph was a carpenter. The Gospels tell us he was a carpenter. Tradition tells us he was a carpenter. End of discussion. Not so fast. The […]read more

Saint Joseph: Swaddling Clothes and a Pair of Pigeons

It’s hard not to bring our own cultural experiences to our vision of Joseph. When we combine that with the gloss of theology that has built up over the centuries, […]read more

Saint Joseph: First Visitors to the Stable

Our vision of the Nativity assumes that the shepherds were the first to see Jesus. Like the ideas that Jesus was born in a stable/shed or that Joseph acted as […]read more

Saint Joseph’s Table

Most Americans put on the green on March 17, Saint Patrick’s Day, but just two days later—March 19—is the Feast of Saint Joseph. Celebrated especially in Sicily, the Solemnity of […]read more

Saint Joseph: Is There a Midwife in the Building?

Artists almost always show Mary, Joseph, and the new-born Jesus all alone—except for a cow, a donkey, and eventually some sheep and scruffy shepherds. Like the idea of Jesus being […]read more

Saint Joseph: Sensitive and Caring Family Man

Our traditional Nativity scenes show the Holy Family in a drafty, often three-sided stable, in some desolate location. While scholars debate if Jesus was really born in Bethlehem and in […]read more

Saint Joseph: From Acres of Apocrypha

Our historical information about Joseph is limited, but the pious legends that have developed over the centuries abound because humans long to know the “rest of the story.” The Protoevangelium […]read more

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