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Raising Awareness of Human Trafficking

The Church celebrates the life of Saint Josephine Bakhita / Santa Josefina Bakhita on February 8. Saint Josephine was kidnapped as a child and sold into slavery in Sudan and […]read more

Website Spotlight: Grandparent Resources

Grandparents and other caring adults, whether formally or informally, play an important role in passing on the faith to the children in their lives. With the help and hands-on experience […]read more

Honoring Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine is not officially honored on the Church’s liturgical calendar. Still, this third-century saint is well-celebrated every February 14. Saint Valentine’s Day is rooted in an act of disobedience. […]read more

Website Spotlight: Seasonal Celebrations for Parish-Wide Catechesis

Plan now for a parish-wide Lenten gathering using “Not by Bread Alone: A Lenten Meal” / “No solo de pan: Una cena de cuaresma” from The Gospel for All Ages. Find […]read more

Celebrate Catholic Schools

Catholic school students, faculty, staff, and families will be observing Celebrate Catholic Schools Week from January 29 to February 4. The theme this year is Catholic Schools: Faith. Excellence. Service. […]read more

Website Spotlight: Seasonal Resources

Four times during the program year, Pflaum Gospel Weeklies provide three or more ready-to-print activities for each level: Seeds (Preschool), Promise (Grades K–1), Good News (Grades 2–3), Venture (Grades 4–6), […]read more

“Father Stu: Reborn” (PG-13)—Official Study Guide

Don’t miss Father Stu: Reborn, the PG-13 version of this powerful film, released in theaters December 9. This movie is a wonderful opportunity for evangelization, so download a digital copy […]read more

Thank God for Winter

While adults may moan at the news of a snowy forecast, most little ones rejoice at the sight of falling flakes. When we teach young children about prayer, it may […]read more

Website Spotlight: Eucharist Quotes, Reflections, and Resources

The publisher and editors of the Pflaum Gospels Weeklies have been working even harder to promote belief in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist since the disturbing Pew […]read more

May God Bless Pope Benedict XVI

We thank God for Pope Benedict XVI’s seventy-seven years of priesthood, including his decades as a bishop and cardinal, and finally, his reign as Pope from 2005 to 2013. We […]read more

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