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Holy Week Activities

Since most classes aren’t meeting in person right now, providing parents with materials to engage their children in the events of Holy Week is very important. In addition to the […]read more

Bread and Eggs at Easter

Bread and eggs may sound like the start of a grocery list or ingredients for breakfast, but both staples of our diet have rich Easter symbolism. Read Why the Egg […]read more

Easter Activities for Young Children

Here are a couple Easter activities to share with Seeds and Promise children: Seeds: Make an Easter Prayer (English and Spanish) Promise: Make an Easter Prayer Basket (English and Spanish) […]read more

Together in Jesus Lesson Previews

Do you use Together in Jesus for sacramental prep? Is your parish looking for new sacramental prep materials? Check out these new three-minute Together in Jesus lesson preview videos for […]read more

Welcome, Spring!

The start of spring is a celebration for our senses. We experience new sights and scents. We may use our sense of touch to experience March winds or the delicate […]read more

Celebrating the Annunciation

On March 25, we celebrate the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord. On this day, we remember the Good News announced by the archangel Gabriel to our Blessed Mother […]read more

Guess That Gospel!

Help Visions students increase their familiarity with the different Gospel writers. Famous Words from the Gospels challenges students to identify familiar quotes from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Let students […]read more

Who Needs Our Help?

To children, Lent could seem as though it’s mostly for adults. Let children know that through prayer and good works, they too can participate in this important season in the […]read more

Analogies for Lent

Analogies for Lent is a challenging activity for Visions students. Whether you are teaching in a school or parish setting, your students likely will need some help with the details […]read more

Gospel Weeklies and RCIA

The flexible nature of the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies permits a traditional once-a-week parish program, daily school religion classes, and a number of other more specialized formats. See our pacing plans […]read more

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