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Get Ready for Back to School

It’s that time again! School supplies and supply lists are in stores. Parents are making sure their children get haircuts and have the “right” clothes and shoes. And kids are […]read more

Sacramental Prep and the Gospel Weeklies

All sacraments are celebrations of the parish community. What better way to prepare young people for the sacraments than by helping them and their families to connect to the Sunday […]read more

Fight for Your Right to Love

By guest blogger and catechist Deanna Danielle Fight with love. Words can speak either life or death. Proverbs 12:18 puts it this way: “The babble of some people is like […]read more

Let Music Stir You to Discipleship

Do you need a good pick-me-up? Has your effort to share the Good News been put on a back burner during the summer months? John Burland, the national music consultant […]read more

The Bridge Called ‘How’

By guest blogger and catechist Deanna Danielle Warning: This bridge may bring out the best in us—or knock us to the ground! Since How? is a question concerning the way […]read more

Family Catechesis That Families Will Enjoy

The new Directory for Catechesis identifies three areas of family catechesis: “in the family,” “with the family,” and “of the family” (227–231). These areas recognize that all members of the […]read more

Summertime Is Family Time

This past year has required you to connect and partner with parish families in new and creative ways, so keep up the connection over the summer months. It’s the Amoris […]read more

Sharpen Your Axe This Summer

By guest blogger and catechist Deanna Danielle Before making a decision or reaching a conclusion, there is often much to think about. Good timing works best when we’re motivated by […]read more

Are You Making Your Fall Plans?

We are too! We’re celebrating the 40th anniversary of Pflaum Gospel Weeklies with many new features, including improved access to Digital Editions for families doing remote learning, helpful new features […]read more

Feast of the Visitation

The feast of The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is on May 31, which coincides with the three-day Memorial Day weekend this year. Whether families are venturing out to […]read more

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