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Not-Quite-Summer Activities

On nearly every Sunday in June, the Church celebrates a special feast day. This Sunday, June 11, is Most Holy Trinity Sunday, which celebrates that there are Three Persons—Father, Son, […]read more

A Great Event!

Pentecost is widely considered the birthday of the Christian Church. It commemorates when the disciples were commissioned by the Holy Spirit and then dispersed to the far reaches of the […]read more

Free Summer Activities

It’s not officially summer for another month, but tell that to your students! Spring and summer activity sheets are available on to use in class or to send home […]read more

Late Close Lessons

The program and school year are quickly coming to a close. For those that need additional lessons, we offer four free Late Close Lessons (Celebrate Creation, Exploring Parables, Celebrate Ascension, […]read more

Holy Days: Why We Have to Go

A wise woman once referred to Holy Days of Obligation as “holy days of opportunity.” Ever wonder why the Church compels Catholics to attend Mass on these special days? Did […]read more

A Special Gift

The practice of giving someone a spiritual bouquet—a card in which you list prayers and devotions you will say in honor of the receiver—is a thoughtful gift for any occasion […]read more

Five Special Sundays

The Church celebrates in spring in a big way—with a feast day on each of five Sundays from Ascension Sunday on May 28, through the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus […]read more

The Easter Celebration Is Just Beginning

Happy Easter season! It’s important for children to understand that Easter is not only a day, but a 50-day season that celebrates the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ, the commissioning of […]read more

Holy Week Is Here!

Holy Week Is Here! From Palm Sunday through Easter Vigil, the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies offers free Holy Week quizzes, puzzles and activities to challenge, review, or introduce your children to […]read more

Lent for All Ages

Catholics receive ashes and are challenged to “turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel.” This Lenten activity for Good News children reviews the ways to keep Lent—through […]read more

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