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FROM OUR EDITORS—February 9, 2020 – 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

FROM OUR EDITORS—February 9, 2020 – 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus tells his disciples that they are salt of the earth and light of the world. He explains that shining their light by doing good deeds will give glory to our Father in Heaven.

Here are some notes to help you prepare for this week’s lesson:


Lesson Theme: Jesus wants us to shine.

Story • Claire Has a Special Talent  Find a story coloring page here.

Relato • Claire tiene un talento especial  Encuentra una hoja para colorear sobre aquí.


Lesson Theme: Jesus’ followers are like salt and light.

Oración final  Encuentra aquí la letra de la canción “Esta lucecita”.

Good News

Lesson Theme: Jesus says we make a difference.

Actividad • Los seguidores de Jesús son . . .  Encuentra aquí la letra de la canción “El amor de Dios es maravilloso”.


Lesson Theme: Jesus calls us to be salt and light.

Explore how Saint Valentine let the light of God’s love shine through him in a time of persecution of Christians. Apply what’s learned in this lesson by choosing the action that best shines a light in response to a dilemma.


Lesson Theme: Jesus calls us to shine.

Explore this theme through the story of a teen whose Eagle Scout project involved bringing attention to and long-needed care for a historic cemetery for African Americans. In spite of being deaf and blind, Catholic leader Haben Girma shines her light as a lawyer, advocate for others living with disabilities, writer, and salsa dancer.

Don’t forget to check out our Unit Overview Webinars for Unit 3. You can find them in both English and Spanish here.


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