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SUNDAY’S GOSPEL—December 15, 2019 – 3rd Sunday of Advent

SUNDAY’S GOSPEL—December 15, 2019 – 3rd Sunday of Advent

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Matthew 11:2–11

In Advent, we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, who is truly human and truly God. Healing actions prophesied by Isaiah—making the blind see, the deaf hear, and the lame leap, as well as preaching the Good News to the poor—tell John the Baptist who Jesus is.

Jesus’ loving actions continue to be completed by his followers today. Jesus calls us to be just and loving as he is, especially by helping people who are unable to help themselves. All the readings for this Sunday recall the themes of reconciliation and wholeness.

See The Gospel at Home (English and Spanish) for suggested family activities and discussion starters related to this Sunday’s Gospel.

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  • Ann Kalayjian / Reply

    I’m so disappointed that I can’t log in to your website. I’ve had a working login for several years and just logged in last week.. Now I’m asked for a “customer number.” The head of the Religious Ed program at our parish has not had time to get back to me with a customer number. Saturday is a day off for her, thanks be to God. I received no notification that this change would be happening and I really wanted to download an activity for our Seeds class. The story I’m to read tomorrow 12/15 is lengthy and I would have loved to have had the coloring page.
    Thank you for any help or consolation you can give me.
    God bless your work.
    Sincerely in Christ,
    Ann Kalayjian
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    • David Dziena / Reply

      Ann, I am sorry for the delayed response and for your troubles. In September, we began implementing a password protected site for the Weeklies. This is because many non-users were obtaining our content for free. Please contact me at if you have trouble logging on with your customer number. Once you set up the account, you normally don’t have to worry about the login information anymore. Thank you! David Dziena, Publisher.

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