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FROM OUR EDITORS—October 25, 2020 – 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

FROM OUR EDITORS—October 25, 2020 – 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus distills all of the commandments down to the Great Commandment. Jesus’ response to the scholar of the Law has a wonderful tie to a song that plays on my local contemporary Christian radio station. It’s definitely worth a listen—and possibly a share with your class or family. Danny Gokey echoes Jesus’ teaching as he sings, “It all comes down to this: Love God and Love People.” Enjoy—and may we embrace and truly live the Great Commandment and change our world!

Every week in the GROW newsletter, you will find a helpful tip for teaching your Gospel Weeklies lesson, a reflection on the Sunday Gospel, and information about our online resources and seasonal activities. Here are tips for teaching the Gospel Weeklies lessons this week:

Lesson Theme: Jesus has two rules for us.

In this lesson, the children will make a prayer card with a family prayer. We suggest that you cut the prayer cards in advance. You can use a utility knife to cut only the top part of the heart, following the dark heavy line. Encourage families to say this prayer together at home, asking God for help to follow Jesus’ most important commandment.

Lesson Theme: Jesus teaches us to love.

This lesson’s Word of the Week is New Testament. We encourage you to show the children where the New Testament is in the Bible. Use this simple trick to find the New Testament: Locate the middle of the Bible and then find the middle of the second half. This will be close to the start of the New Testament (Gospel of Matthew). Make sure that the children understand that the Gospels they hear every week are found in the New Testament.

Good News
Lesson Theme: Jesus’ law is love.

In this lesson, we encourage you to invite the children to use three fingers to help them remember three key concepts:

  • The Great Commandment tells us to love God with our whole (1) heart, (2) soul, and (3) mind.
  • In the Great Commandment, Jesus tells us to love (1) God, (2) neighbor, and (3) self.
  • There are Three Persons in the Holy Trinity: (1) Father, (2) Son, and (3) Holy Spirit.

Lesson Theme: Jesus teaches us to love God and neighbor.

The Gospel activity is hosting a TV talk show. It’s optional—but way more fun—to have a stage and microphone (even if it’s paper towel tube). Note the QR code on page 3 of the lesson. We are trying to add quick connections to short, relevant videos and websites that may be shared in class or at home. Also note the QR code on page TG1-27 of the Teaching Guide. It takes you to a Prayer Vocations card on the website.

Lesson Theme: Jesus teaches us his law of love.

In this lesson, the young people will learn about the two main parts of the Mass: Liturgy of the Word and Liturgy of the Eucharist. While learning about the Prayer of the Faithful, the young people will be asked to write their own prayers. We suggest you talk in advance with your parish priest to ask him if these prayers could be included at Sunday Mass.

DON’T FORGET to check out our Unit 1 Overview Webinars. You can find them in English and in Spanish here.

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Lyrics of Love God and Love People: Danny Gokey, Benjamin Glover, Colby Wedgeworth

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